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Anastacia McCleskey to peform in industry-only presentation of Junk Rock Opera

An industry-only presentation of Junk, the rock opera by Swedish pop band Brainpool, is held Nov. 23 at the Drama League. Anastacia McCleskey and Natalie Wachen are among the performers.

The presentation follows a ten-day developmental workshop, which began Nov. 14 with Brainpool (Christoffer Lundquist, David Birde and Jens Jansson) in the rehearsal room. The group's last trip to the U.S. was for a 2007 showcase production of Junk at the Steve Allen Theatre in Los Angeles. Junk is being developed in collaboration with director Shakina Nayfack, who produced and directed the previous Joe's Pub concerts of Junk and a concert reading of the show at the National Opera Center.

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